Q-OPD International: Organisational & People Development

Enabling Potential, Performance and Profits.

We help organisations and individuals get measurable results from their people development. Our core competency is the provision of consultancy, training and assessments.

We are an internationally recognized provider of highly interactive programmes and development assessments. Our portfolio of includes the Q-OPD Strengths & Gaps 360 feedback products, personality reports such as: the HoganLead, Lumina Spark, MBTI and others. These diagnostics enable leaders to gain insights for their self development in order to engage, retain and motivate their teams to get the results needed for the success of the organisation.

Our training programmes and coaching offer strategies, skills, concrete toolkits of effective, practical techniques that solve real world problems. The content of our programmes continually evolves in response to new business challenges and new management agendas. The content we use is evidence based, grounded in neuroscience, organisational psychology and best practice. Our programmes are structured around the 70:20:10 rule and we have innovative processes, such as the Talent Enabler that facilitates the transfer of newly-learned skills into the workplace. We work within the public and private sectors and have specialist knowledge of the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial, Banking and Oil & Gas sectors. We regularly work with clients in UK, EMEA, FSU and Asia-Pacific.
Dr Paul Zak interview - Neuroscience applied to leadership

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