Leadership and Talent Development programmes

We enable future and current leaders to maximise their potential and performance in order to increase their results and the organisation's profits. Working closely with our clients we design and deliver innovative, customised programmes that address the specific requirements and outcomes needed.

70% of today’s top performers lack the skills they need for success in future roles.

Taking on new roles often requires a whole new set of skills, which leaders must learn quickly in order to transition successfully. Failing to transition is highly detrimental for the leader, as well as the organisation. As we are accredited users of a wide range of personality assessments and 360 feedback instruments we ensure that we include assessments that will give relevant insights to the individuals being trained and add value to the programme. We deliver programmes in the UK and internationally.​​​​​​

Our training programmes and coaching offer strategies, skills, concrete toolkits of effective, practical techniques that solve real world problems. The content of our programmes continually evolves in response to new business challenges and new management agendas. The content we use is evidence based, grounded in neuroscience, organisational psychology and best practice. Our programmes are structured around the 70:20:10 rule and we have innovative processes, such as the Talent Enabler that facilitates the transfer of newly-learned skills into the workplace. We work within the public and private sectors and have specialist knowledge of the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Financial, Banking and Oil & Gas sectors. We regularly work with clients in UK, EMEA, FSU and Asia-Pacific.

The following are some of the course we are running for organisations currently.

Next Generation Leadership:

Transforming Personal and Team Effectiveness

Outstanding leadership and team performance are essential in today's dynamic, volatile and competitive (VUCA) global market. However, it’s getting harder to achieve these because of (a) the increasing rate of change in the business and political world, (b) the very different needs of the multiple age groups present in today’s workforce and (c) the rising number, because of automation, of highly specialised knowledge-based workers. All of these make it a challenge to manage, engage, motivate and obtain the discretionary effort from today’s employees. As a result, the largely un-trained ‘natural’ or ‘default’ leadership style used by most leaders today needs to be replaced by something much more effective.

What is required is ‘Next Generation’ Leadership, i.e. leadership for the largest generation of workers now in the workplace (Generation Y, born 1985 – 2005) as well as a new situational approach to leadership. Next Generation leaders are able to lead themselves and others effectively by assessing the needs of a situation, selecting the most appropriate leadership approach and then use powerful new insights into employee thinking, behaviour and motivation.
Next Generation Leadership training programme comprehensively addresses these needs and is based upon the next generation of leadership-development tools – the Lumina Spark – that supports individuals, teams and organisations to work more effectively and improve the bottom line.
This training course will highlight for you and your staff
  • The five leadership approaches that are required in today’s organisations
  • Your own and other’s personality preferences
  • The kind of team you are all part of, how you fit in and your own unique contributions
  • Ways to communicate and influence effectively within your team
  • Proven strategies to enhance your staff’s personal performance and job satisfaction
  • How to be even more emotionally intelligent, innovative and outcome-oriented
  • Using feedback and technology to enable continuous individual and team learning

Richard Lewis running the 'Next Generation Leadership' programme in Dubai

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting:

Setting Business Goals Targets and Deliverables

In order to be successful managers must have the ability to first think strategically and then create a strategic plan. Strategic management, the discipline that encompasses these two elements, is about positioning the organization for a future that will almost certainly be very different from the past. This seminar will focus on strategic planning as the essential management process that articulates its preferred future and sets specific goals, objectives and initiatives that will establish and enhance competitiveness. The seminar will also focus on the necessity of developing personal mental agility, organizational agility, creativity and innovation. Close examination will be made of the driving forces creating both strategic successes and failures.

Middle Manager Development programme:

Creating Future Leaders

Many middle management professionals have a wealth of experience at handling day to day management issues and are now ready for bigger challenges. What are the additional skills they need to acquire to prepare them for the next level of leadership? This programme is about exploring and mastering those skills and knowledge that will take them from a middle manager to a leader.

First Time Managers programme - Creating Future Leaders

This programme is aimed at individuals who are making the transition from successful professional to a manager of others. Gaining excellent results though others is quite different from managing oneself. Delegates with learn all the skills they need to manage, create accountability, lead and motivate others.

Coaching, Mentoring and Motivating:
Practical Tools for Effective Leadership

We often hear record-breaking athletes say 'I owe it to my coach'. That's because however talented they are, athletes need a coach to improve their performance and competitiveness. Likewise, organisations need to create a culture where coaching and feedback occur as a routine part of each day. Good coaching builds trust and a collaborative climate between the leader and their team. This innovative course explains a structured approach to coaching and provides the essential tools and tips to coach and mentor in an effective way.
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