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Enabling potential, performance and profits through organisational and people development.

As full service organizational psychology consultancy we enable organisations to maximise their results through their people development. We provide our clients with leading edge, easy to implement, evidence-based solutions that support organisational and personal growth, innovation and development.

Our purpose informs the following credo:

  • We believe in providing outcome-oriented solutions that can be measured to provide return on investment data for our clients
  • We believe in building strong and long lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity and responsibility
  • We believe in maintaining clear lines of communication and providing a personal service throughout all projects.

Richard Lewis

Director of Q-OPD International, a trainer and executive coach. Specialising in leadership, strategic and scenario-planning. I design and implement human capital interventions and deliver in-house and public workshops to a wide range of organisations and audiences in both the public and private sectors. I'm a former Disease Management Consultant, Strategic Development Director for an International Biomedical company, lecturer on the MBA programme at Henley Management College and have worked with a number of high-profile CEOs and public servants both as a coach and as an influencing/communication strategy adviser. I work in the UK and also the US, EMEA, FSU and Asia and have an acute awareness of, and skill in working with, inter-cultural differences, issues, practices and organisational cultures.

Nina Len

As a Learning and Development specialist and executive coach, I believe in delivering solutions that result in real business performance improvement. I have expertise in implementing global and EMEA-wide customised Talent and Leadership development programmes linked to 360 Feedback and other diagnostic measures. I enable teams to achieve common goals by using relevant personality assessments so that they receive insight into their personal contribution to the team, as well as understanding how the team functions as a unit. As an executive coach I work with clients from board level down enabling them to address issues that are hindering their results, saving time and energy by focusing on areas that will increase their effectiveness in their role and their career progression. My clients are from the public sector and private sectors including finance, banking and pharmaceutical.

What we offer

Leadership, management and talent development programme design and delivery

360 feedback design, implementation, online and smartphone-enabled 360 surveys, a pool of accredited facilitators for global projects
Personality assessments - wide range of British Psychological society approved reports for leadership & team development and selection
Executive Coaching and Career Coaches for CEO, Board, manager and key specialist level
Design and implementation of company wide, EMEA or global of 360 feedback systems, including smartphone-enabled assessments
Talent Enabler tool to help embed the transfer of skills from the training room to the workplace
Team workshops

Corporate Social Responsibility

Richard Branson recently said "Every single business person has the responsibility for taking care of the people and planet that make up our global village ...". In other words 'do good'. We believe in working voluntarily and giving back to our community. To this end we have been involved in many community projects and have held roles such as magistrate in the Thames Valley and Chair of the Board of Governors of a local autistic school and referral centre. We also give our time and expertise to Bracknell Careers Springboard, a charity that enables unemployed professionals and executives get back to work by providing specialist career transition services and on-going support (please see below).

Article about Careers Springboard and the services offered

The Mayor of Bracknell awarding a generous grant to the Careers Springboard Charity
Nina Len received the award at a ceremony on the 10th May 2017.

We are delighted to receive continued support from Bracknell Town council towards the administrative running costs of the Executive Job club
that helps professionals get back into the workplace so that they can continue contributing to society. The Club is run solely by specialist volunteers and career coaches that provide structured support to help individuals overcome the hurdles of finding a job. We run 45 meetings a year with over 1,000 people attending annually on a variety of job-seeking topics and one-to-one coaching for individuals when needed. In addition attending the weekly Friday afternoon meetings provides a support structure of colleagues that makes them feel more confident and and helps develop their resilience.
Visit www.careersspringboardbracknell.org.uk to find out more about this job club.

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